About Global Voices

Langham Partnership trains and resources local pastors and leaders in the Majority World, so the church can grow in depth as it grows in size. To date, thousands of leaders have been trained to open God’s Word, bringing hope to His people in hard places. Here on Langham Global Voices, we can listen and learn from these global leaders.

Katani Voices

Since its founding in 1969 by John Stott, Langham Partnership has been committed to training and resourcing indigenous Christian leaders throughout the Majority World—places where the church is under pressure and under-resourced. God is growing His kingdom in these hard regions, and His people need solid biblical teaching to grow in their faith.

Today, Langham’s work multiplies leaders to bring Christ into their cultures in 130+ countries across Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. They become transformational leaders within their regions and powerful voices within their cultures.

Langham Global Voices is designed to bring these Majority World voices to the hearts of Jesus followers in the west. May their insights and wisdom bless you, encourage you, and draw you closer to God’s mission around the world.