Langham Partnership trains and equips local pastors and leaders in the Majority World so the church can grow in depth as it grows in size. Thousands of leaders have been trained to open God’s Word, bringing hope to His people in places of poverty, pressure and potential. Listen to and learn from these global leaders here.

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The Impact of Displacement on Faith: Lessons Learned from Colombia

This course will explore how faith is impacted by displacement and forced migration. Migration and forced internal displacement affect millions of people around the world and it requires a knowledge and response that is commensurate with the magnitude of the problem. Dr. Milton Acosta will unpack the reality of internally displaced persons from the Colombian…


Are We All on the Same Page? Women and the Old Testament

This course will explore various biblical texts of women in the Old Testament to address some of the most challenging issues and questions that come up as we read the Bible. Dr. Dharamraj will engage the role of women in the scheme of creation, our world, and the mission of God. This course will also…


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The cost of following Jesus: Navigating persecution

An excerpt from “Following Jesus in Turbulent Times: Disciple-Making in the Arab World” by Dr. Hikmat Kashouh.


A Biblical perspective on suffering and salvation

An excerpt from “So Great a Salvation: Soteriology in the Majority World” by Dr. Milton Acosta, a theology professor from Colombia.


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Bosnia & Herzegovina

This is the story of a pastor, Slavko, who is bringing the hope of God’s Word to his church and community and helping to equip pastors across his nation of Bosnia & Herzegovina to do the same.



This is the story of Dr. Seble Daniel, an Ethiopian scholar and theologian, who is helping to raise up leaders to stop the practice of Female Genital Mutilation and other harmful practices and beliefs.


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